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Welcome to my Orange County crime scene cleanup blog. Here I cover material directly related to Orange County crime scene cleanup cronyism. This type of cronyism perpetrated by our Orange County Sheriff Department creates a newer form of government corruption throughout our United States, I've learned. More though, I cover other matters throughout California involving law, order, police, biohazards, biohazard cleanup, water, and California history.

I'm Eddie Evans and a novice writer. For over 14 years I worked for the County of Orange. I learned that many of the stereotypes formed by outsiders do not fit Orange County employees, especially in law enforcement; with that said, I admit that some stereotypes do fit, but that's true just about anywhere.


I will say here as I have elsewhere over the years, decades now: "Orange County, California Government institutional policies have a very progressive approach to juvenile detention." I worked at the Youth Guidance Center in Santa Ana for 6 years, by the way. It was tough and stressful. I learned much do not regret leaving, although I could easily have staid and felt fulfilled with my employment and outcomes. Alas, crime scene cleanup called in my future meanderings and now write about crime scene cleanup in a most general sense.


My crime scene cleanup meanderings in Southern California extend from San Diego County to the northernmost top of Los Angeles County. I've cleaned in many of California's counties and cannot recall which ones. For 14 years I've traveled in California, but these last two years my travels came to a near stop; but for old clients in the apartment management field, the various county coroners appear to have seized the majority if not most homicide, suicide, and unattended death opportunities.



June 11, 2015 blog entries: today I had two new pages to this blog. A narrative on Orange County suicide cleanup as a subcategory of crime scene cleanup for Orange County becomes a major effort. Here I talk about suicide by white males, white females, and black females. I do not go into specifics other than statistical information found readily available in textbooks like suicidology.


In addition to suicide cleanup I add a page on the forthcoming fiscal crisis created by ongoing criminal conduct in Washington DC and on Wall Street. Some Orange County residents will recall the Orange County fiscal crisis created by its orange County auditor back in the 90s. Basically, what happened in that situation was a naive and poorly trained orange County government employee was given full responsibility for dealing with the county's funds. As a result to became easy prey for Wall Street vultures. In this case we had a glimpse of the forthcoming 2008 real estate crash experienced in Orange County, California as well as all over the United States. We are still reeling from that criminal conduct created by Wall Street upon citizens of the United States.


In this case I trained my crime scene cleanup eyes on what is going on in the Congress of the United States, especially among members of the Republican Party. I am neither a Republican on Nora Democrat and I find both parties in criminal like conduct. It just happens that Republicans dance to the tune of the highest bidders, which are currently oligarchs who will soon have control of their party via the PAC's.

Put another way, the Republicans, and soon to follow the Democrats, will dance to the tune of the PAC's rather than the two-party central committees; it is the PAC's the control the money. Here is where the crimes really come into view as corporate America to its Wall Street manipulators becomes part and parcel to an enormous crime scene in the United States. I call this the "Ongoing fiscal crisis of the United States." On my orange County fiscal crisis pages I write more than I probably should about economics and the part of commodity training in derivatives.







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