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Orange County Crime Scene Cleanup Information






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Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death Cleanup

Homeowners Insurance Accepted


Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

Here's some California crime scene cleanup information as it pertains to homicide, suicide, unattended death, decomposition, and other types of infectious waste cleanup.


Training and Education

My training and education as a crime scene cleaner includes a decade of crime scene cleanup experience. I also have carpet cleaning, water damage and restoration cleanup, house inspection, floor inspection, and natural stone polishing and restoration training.

My formal, academic training includes an AA, BA, and MS. I hold these degrees in addition to once held teaching credentials in language arts (high school English) and adult education. My MS is in educational counseling, including occupational counseling. I retired as a California teacher and went into the small business field as a professional cleaner. My training suggests that I've had an interest in this field beyond mere income generation.

And yes, I do own crime scene cleanup school as well as crime scene cleanup training. I own these to chase prospective crime scene cleaners away from this field of work. Not because I do not want them as competitors, but because of the county employees' monopoly over California crime scene cleanup. Anyone spending money on biohazard cleanup training wastes their time and money. Besides, a simple bloodborne pathogen test for crime scene cleanup certification ensures the learner has a beginner's knowledge of the most important biohazards.

Why I clean crime scenes.

I am a professional cleaner. I present myself as a professional biohazard cleaner willing and able to service all of California's death cleanup needs, including crime scene murder cleanup, and crime scene death cleanup, My first work in California came as suicide cleanup. Because suicide cleanup turned out as the most rewarding work I've ever pursued, I knew my efforts meant something special to others having a terrible experience. Over and over again families thanked me as I had never before experienced. So there's no way I would back out of this work, no matter what challenges came to me.

And challenges beyond belief have followed; not as a professional cleaner, but from the county monopoly over my business. I spend many hours and thousands of dollars trying to alert the public to civil servant fraud. It's in the coroner, medical examiner, county administrator (public guardian), sheriff, and fire departments. Even police departments have employees involved in this conflict of interest, criminal conspiracy to monopolize crime scene cleanup businesses.

I have military cleaning experience in trauma cleanup.

I have cleaned in many of California's counties. Usually I clean the small jobs for apartment owners and small businesses. Rarely do I receive a call for a home insured for the distress of a crime scene blood cleanup. My explanation for this absence of service comes easily. With hundreds of web pages on google, bing, yahoo, ask, and elsewhere, I should receive may telephone calls for California blood cleanup help. I do not.

It's a rare day when I get to clean for Orange County crime scene cleanup or in Riverside County. Riverside, like Orange County, has a problem among its county employees. Some have taken to the crime scene cleanup business for their own profit. Meanwhile, others continue to refer work to crime scene cleanup companies for a percentage, about 10 percent in most instances.

More of this type of information available at my crime scene cleanup blog goes into more detail. Remember the horrible mass murder in Seal Beach, California in October, 2011? Well, I dominate Google's Internet pages for Seal Beach crime scene cleanup. I did not receive a call. I would have charged tens-of-thousands of dollars less than the company referred by the coroner's department. Someone in the Ora-nge County Coroner's Department made a lot of money.

Besides, I'm local. I spent many fun-filled days playing in Seal Beach's surf. I have a boyhood-full of memories gained from Seal Beach. My work would have come as more than a "job," but as a duty.

My Prices

I'm told by my California clients that my prices save them thousands of dollars. Without exception, homicide, suicide, and unattended deaths cost less when I clean.

What makes the difference?

I own my own company, Biosafe, and I do my own cleaning. For about ten years now I've operated my cleaning business as the only cleaner. Once in a while my wife helps out, but on the less gruesome aspects of cleaning. Crime scene cleanup by me shows the value of having a single cleaner.

It takes less than a day to clean most crime scene cleanup jobs. Shotguns and high-powered rifles and handguns sometimes require a second day. In these cases I must charge more, but below two thousand dollars.

Many of my California crime scene cleanup client.

California History

California's European history began over 500 years ago when the Spanish explorers began to arrive. First explorers, than Catholic monks and ranchers populated California; mostly in the southern half, a definite change appeared as Catholicism converted indigenous people to their monotheism. Ranchers found lush lands for cattle raising; although California's hot summers and merciless sunshine did little good for the cattle, they did thrive, albeit uncomfortable, some say.

By the time the 19th century arrived, California's technology made a great difference in its world standing. Here we find the power of immigrant ideas mixed with California's bountiful natural resources. The invention of the Pelton turbine lead to 6 times more water movement for agriculture and land development.

California became almost magical as its growth continued in technological development. The aircraft industry grew as the center of our nation's aircraft manufacturing giant. By World War II, the crime scene cleanup work of our military had placed Hitler's killers on notice, California's Lockheed, Curtis, Douglas, and Northrop became the crime scene cleaners of Europe's sky's.

Long before my Los Angeles crime scene cleanup pages began sharing information about humanity's crimes against one another, the dreaded atomic energy age sprung upon us as a warrior's weapon. California played a large role in the development of this technology to this date. As a California crime scene cleaner for both San Onofre and xyz nuclear energy plants. Actually, they're both energy wasters, but that a story for later.

I'm well aware of the criminality of these technological behemoths. Both of these monsters were built on earthquake faults. Although this amazing fact escapes attention by corporate media during those moments following significant earthquakes in Los Angeles, it needs more publicity. It's not a matter if, but when an earthquake shakes these monsters with crushing power.


There more. Both structures share a common structural problem, speaking of criminality and crime scene cleanup on a global scale. Both had their external concrete protective shells placed on backwards. It's simply amazing how this stuff gets by our California building inspectors. Who signed their name to these building's inspection sheets?

Since these criminal acts, we've moved into the "digital revolution." California's individuals and corporations took computer technology by the horns and never looked back. Today this growing industry influences the entire world in Earth shattering ways. When we thought that the digital age had brought more to our powers over the Earth, we were to learn that there's another criminal activity about, one beyond the powers of any crime scene cleanup company to remedy, biotechnology.

Today's biotechnology provides life saving pharmacology for many human and non-human diseases. It also applies biotechnological findings to the genetic code in its many billions of variations. Our California residents were on the frontiers of this technology with a devotion simi liar to that of the earliest Spanish immigrants. Biotechnology promises to place California crime scene cleanup in a position unimaginably nightmarish. With corporate control over life's very genetic codes, biotechnology intends to clone life-forms created from mixed dna strains. If science fiction seemed too far out 20 years ago, beware; it's here. From raising chickens without heads in "chicken farms" to placing patents on crop plants designed for tailored insecticides, criminal science marches into our future.

How did we reach such a high technological standard?

California's bent for higher education paid off over the decades. Well funded state and privately owned universities produced many able scientists and engineers. These disciplines became central to the growth of our technological achievements. The space age found its center-most production facilities in our growing aircraft industry. Few would imagine that Downey crime scene cleanup would one day follow Downey as the center point for North American Aeronautics.

Of course astronomy took a front-seat in California's technological growth. The Hubble Space Telescope was named after Hubble, discoverer of our expanding universe. California's role in the space program found a warm welcome in its high technological production facilities. With California's superior education system, science and engineering played key roles as they became practiced from their theoretical base in our universities and colleges.

Geological science and survey found a welcomed home in this fault-lined state. No better place in the United States offered a greater opportunity for putting theory to practice in earthquake predilections. Here science came to our aid as a rescuer. Here we learned the folly of building nuclear power plants on top of earthquake faults.

Interestingly, the Spanish made a huge mistake when they "discovered" California. Until 1539 they believed California existed as a peninsula, not an island. When they discovered they were on a continent, a great smile must have grown for all. discover their geographical mistake. California was a peninsula, not an island, and north of this peninsula—eventually called Antigua or Old California—was a vast northern region that the Spaniards. It would take the Spaniards 230 years before they would settle the northern regions of California.

California faces the Pacific Ocean and extends from Oregon to Mexico. , for one reason or another, would be unable to settle for another 230 years. Below it, two giant, tectonic plates collide with one another, giving rise to earthquakes. Mountains and valleys grow and diminish as these natural forces continue their dance across the earth.

Volcanic and glacier activity added greatly to our state's appearance over hundreds of millions of years. These changes will continue. Some geologists believe that Los Angeles will one day align with San Francisco's current longitude and attitude; San Francisco will align where Anchorage, Alaska now resides. These forecasts represent a future hundreds of millions of years into our future. By then California crime scene cleanup will no longer have a reason for existence.

Thirty million years ago, tectonic action formed our 1,264-mile Pacific shoreline. It had detached from the southern edge of the Baja California peninsula. It moved northward. It attached back to our containment.

During this time our four greatest harbors came into existence. As the land mass opened itself to the sea, the low lying areas of the bay of San Diego in the south, Monterey and San Francisco bays in the mid region, and Humboldt Bay in the north—this appended land mass opened itself to the sea and created these four harbors. Only 30 thousand years ago as mountains collapsed on the shoreline, the sea rushed in to fill the now low lying area. These earth shaking events were taking place as humanity began to occupy the North American Continent.

Formed as recently as thirty thousand years ago when mountains on the shoreline collapsed and the sea rushed in, San Francisco Bay is among the two or three finest natural harbors on the planet. Rising from this coastline, from north to south, various mountain ranges run boldly into the Pacific. At latitude 35 degrees 30 minutes north, in the county of San Luis Obispo, these coastal mountains bifurcate into two ranges: the Transverse Ranges, veering in a southeasterly direction into southern Kern County in the interior, and the Peninsula Ranges, continuing southward down the coast.

Then in the Klamath Mountains and the southern tip of the Cascades move in an easterly direction toward the Modoc Plateau on the northeastern corner. Running south from the Modoc Plateau is another, even more formidable mountain range, the Sierra Nevada—John Muir’s “Range of Light,” four hundred miles long, eighty miles wide— sealing off the eastern edge of California from the Great Basin until these mighty mountains yield to the Mojave Desert in the southeastern corner. Forty-one California mountains rise to more than ten thousand feet. The highest—Mount Whitney— is, at 14,496 feet, the second highest mountain in the world.

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